CLOSED (High water level)
Bailiff: Micheal Mallory07703 357440

Rectory Pool

Bradwell, nr Coggeshall

Rectory Pool is a mature lake of approximately 3 acres. Containing a limited number of swims and offering plenty of cover because of the secluded nature of the lake. 20 large common Carp to upper 20's have been stocked in February 2009. There has also been a further stocking of smaller Carp. The largest reported Carp that was caught last year was approximately 24lb but it has also been reported on a number of occasions that larger fish have been spotted - rumored to be in excess of 30lbs.

In 2018, 32 carp to mid 20's where moved from Houchins Back Lake to Rectory Pool.

In late 2022 we were informed by the landowner that our lease would not be renewed as that planning permission for housing had been approved and the land sold to developers, with a new housing development being marketed. So from 1st Jan 2023 the water was not part of our portfolio. Howver we maintained contact with the respective parties and due to the development now being delayed for the foreseable future we have managed to take the water back on. 
3 Carp were removed at the end of 2022 when it looked as if the water was going to be lost.   

Opening Times

All Year without a close season, subject to change at any time.


The toilet is located in the car park and is regularly cleaned by a contracted company.

Water Size

Mature 3 acre lake

Disabled Details

With steep banks and soft ground, access for the disabled angler is currently limited. There are no swims designated as disabled.


Members should ensure they are familar with the rules of the club in the Handbook you recieved when joining on can be found on this website. But to highlight some for this water. 

  • The access gate is to be locked at all times after entry or exit.
  • Maximum of two rods throughout the year.
  • Fishing from platforms only.


From Colchester follow the A120 towards Braintree. The entrance to the car park is located about 200 yards past Waduds Indian restuarant (used to be The Swan Public House), on the left just before the road splits into dual carriageway.

If coming from Braintree the the access road is on the right. It is a turning directly off the A120 into a small track where a gate provides security for the car park.
What three words /// 

Postcode CM77 8EB is close to the lake. 
postcode CM77 8ED is the post code for the Waduds Indian restuarant (old swan public house).