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The club reviewed both the government and Angling Trust guidelines that were issued on the 11th May...
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03/08/2020 Latest News Membership Closed
All, in line with CAPS constitution which has a membership limit of 2200. The club has closed its membership. Should...
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27/07/2020 Latest News 21 day temp membership for new members joining online.
All, any new member when joining online gets a letter enabling them to fish immediately for a period of 21 days giving...
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14/07/2020 Latest News Guest and Single Night tickets
All. We continue to get a few messages concerning when single night tickets and guest tickets might become available....
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15/06/2020 Latest News River reopens 16th June.
Following the River ‘Close Season’  the CAPS stretches of the River Stour at Henny and River Chemer...
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10/06/2020 Latest News WATER OPENING UPDATE - 10th JUNE -TOILETS.
Following a weekly review of the clubs current coronavirus restrictions by the CAPS Committee,  a decisIon has...
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27/05/2020 Latest News CAPS Matches to resume.
All, following discussions with Government, the Angling Trust have updated their Coronavirus guidance to state that...
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16/03/2020 Latest News Mersea fencing. Work Postponed due to current crisis.
Potentially later this week or early next week Mersea lakes will be closed for around 10 days. Embryo is fencing both...
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11/02/2020 Latest News 2020 / 2021 Match fixtures added to site.
The club match fixtures have now been added to the site for the 2020 / 2021 season. You will find them under the Match...
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13/12/2019 Latest News Edgar Wade
It is with sadness that we have been informed of the passing of Edgar Wade, a CAPS life member at the grand age of 93....
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29/11/2019 Latest News William Wass
It is with great sadness that this week we heard of the death of Wass’s owner William Wass after a short illness....
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16/09/2019 Latest News CAPS Secretary vacancy.
Many of you will be aware that Steve Dormer, who has been the Company Secretary for the past14 years, has been looking...
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