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Inworth Grange Lake 2

Grange Road, Tiptree

This is lake that we have recently signed a lease on as part of the Inworth complex.

Currently there is a lot of work to do in order for it to become an established fishery. However,the water has been stocked stocked with over 900lb of fish, an additional 450lb of Bream were moved from Layer Pits in May 2019. There was also a Tench stocking programme which resulted in around 100 Tench to 10lb being stocked and in Dec 2022 500 pure bred Crucian Carp from the EA were stocked in the water.

Fish stock is known to be carp (believed to be only 4 fish), Rudd, Roach, Bream, Perch, Tench, Crucians and Pike.

Further details to follow as this water develops.


Opening Times

The main lake is open all year round with no close season.


Toilet on lake 1. Following the coronavirus pandemic If you need to use the toilet we expect you to wipe any surfaces that are to be touched prior to, and after using the facility.

Water Size

Inworth 2 has approx 12 swims although work started in April 2023 to upgrade these as part of an ongoing maintence programme.   

Disabled Details

No designated disabled swim or disabled facilities .


Members should ensure they are familar with the rules of the club in the Handbook you recieved when joining. The rulebook can also be found on this website. But to highlight some for this water. 
The use of all Nuts as hookbaits or loose feed is banned on all Society waters


From Colchester take the A12 southbound, turning off at the Rivenhall turn off. Follow the slip road to the bottom and then turn right at the junction. Follow this road up past Braxted Park ( approx 2 miles ) and turn left into Grange Road. Proceed along Grange Road for just over a mile and you will find the entrance into the gravel company on the right hand side. It is along gravel track, with an old lorry wheel wash unit on the right handside. There are sign posts for Frost Fencing at the start of the track. Follow the track until you see the track fork off to the left. Go down this until the end where you will see our gate and car park.
The club is well aware that the track to the waters can get a number of pot holes, which we do try to get repaired from time to time however these remedial works  only appear to last for a short period of time.  

Approximate postcode CO5 0QQ

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Note: There is no access to the lakes from Inworth Grange Farms. The owners have a notice at the road that says private road so please respect this.