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Brakes Long Pit

Maldon Road, Birch, Colchester.

Brakes Long Pit is an old gravel pit on the outskirts of Colchester (close to Colchester Zoo) and is around 13.5 acres in size.
Whilst there is a good head of Carp in the pit, the Long Pit is not easy but effort could equal reward in the shape of a 30lb+ specimen. The pit record,  which was previosuly a syndicate water, currently stands at 41lbs for a Mirror and 38lbs 12oz for a Common.
The stock is made up of young fish which are growing at a very healthy rate.
The Long Pit has also become well known for its Pike fishing with 3 different fish over 28lbs being banked in 2018 and a 33lb fish the largest to date.
(Note restriction on pike fishing from Oct 1). 
The gravel workings still pump to and from the lake so the water can fluctuate a bit but with the deepest area of the lake being around 40ft, there is always plenty of water. 

Note Some restrictions are in place due to guidance from Angling Trust based on Government advice - see Restrictions on page  

Please note you cannot fish from the area where the gravel company operates.  

Opening Times

All Year without a close season, subject to change at any time.


A new portable toilet has been added to this water in line with facilities that exist on most of our other waters. It is regularly cleaned by a contracted company.

Following Coronavirius lockdown, If you need to use the toilet we expect you to wipe any surfaces that are to be touched prior to, and after using the facility. 

Water Size

The Long lake is 13.5 acres and currently has around 20 well spaced pegs

Disabled Details

No designated disabled swims or  disabled facilities on the site. 


NOTE: Additional restrictions are in place at present due to Coronavirus - See NEWS ITEM 
MAX 48HR STAY. - 24hr gap before refishing same water

Members should ensure they are familar with the rules of the club in the Handbook you recieved when joining on can be found on this website. But to highlight some for this water. 
Parking in Main Car Park Only 
Initially 3 Rods will be allowed all year. This will be reviewed as season progresses. 
The use of all Nuts as hookbaits or loose feed is banned on all Society waters.
Pike Fishing only allowed between 1st Oct and 31st March however this is being reviewed.  please note pike fishing guidelines in rule book as we wish to ensure well being of large pike.
No fishing where the gravel pit operates, this is well signposted.
As with other waters no radio controlled boats allowed on the water. 


The pits can be found on the B1022 Maldon Road between Colchester and Tiptree. It is around 5 mins from Colchester Zoo and the entrance is just before the Hanson Aggregates gravel pit entrance if coming from Colchester.