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Welcome to the best places to fish in Essex

Colchester Angling Preservation Society Ltd, or CAPS as we are known, have been providing angling in Essex since 1921 and have a membership of over 1400.

CAPS aim is to provide more and varied fishing for the members through the improvement of existing fishies and the acquisition of new waters. Providing CAPS members with a good and varied sport in pleasant surroundings at a reasonable cost. In respect of the first point we have an ongoing programme of improvements to all our waters to help facilitate this, from fish stocking to swim building and most recently, protecting some of our fisheries with the installation of Otter fencing. 

We have 12 stillwater’s with over 80 acres between them, plus in excess of 12 miles of the Chelmer & Blackwater Canal. Our waters contain Carp to over 40lb, Tench to over 12lb, Chub over 6lb, along with a good head of Pike, Roach, Bream and other silver fish. Night fishing is allowed on most of our venues. So, if you are a Carp angler after a PB or a pleasure angler looking for a day out, we have a water that caters for you. All of our still-waters are open all year.

Lakes Open Closed
Bovington 1


Carp stocked in 2009 and 2018, with Carp now present over 30lb

Bovington 2


Home to double figure Tench and 40lb Carp. Recent stocking of VS Fisheries Carp.

Brookhall Lake


Heavily stocked 4 acre lake with Carp, Bream, Tench and Roach

Inworth Grange Lake 1


4 acre lake with Carp caught to 40lb. Large Pike, Perch and Crucians present.

Inworth Grange Lake 2


Our latest acquisition as part of Inworth complex.

Layer Pit


An iconic venue and home to large head of quality Carp and Bream.

Lodge Farm


Newly created lake in 2005 which has undertaken large stocking programme.

Olivers Lake


Lake owned by CAPS. Excellent all round water ideal for the pleasure angler.

Prestons Lake


Beautiful 19 acre lake in natural stream fed valley.

Rectory Pool


Mature 3 acre lake, Carp caught to 24b but stocking of many mid 20's carp made in 2018

Snake Pit


Renowned lake that can reward the specimen hunter.

Wellhouse Reservoirs


2 reed lined reservoirs, one primarily stocked with Carp the other a more general fishery.

Rivers Open Closed
Chelmer & Blackwater
Navigation Canal

Over 12 miles of the best river and canal fishing in the area.

River Stour - Henny

1 mile stretch of River Stour


Next Work Party: Snake Pit Sunday 22nd March 2020

Next Match: Cancelled - New Inworth Sunday 24th November 2019


Single night tickets for CAPS members only. For more information and to apply CLICK HERE


Available when accompanied by a member. CLICK HERE for more information and to apply.

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Bovington 2

Lodge Farm

Lodge Farm

Lodge Farm

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