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Latest Stocking

30/11/2021 - Latest News

All, last week the club stocked an equal number of VS C3 (4.5lb to 6lb) and C4 (9lb to 12.5lb) carp into 3 of our lakes. Brakes Round (a few went into long pit), Mersea North and Inworth 1.
This continues the clubs stated aim of looking to improve our waters with an ongoing programme of fish stocking, swim building and protecting some of our fisheries with the installation of Otter fencing.
This latest stocking and continued investment will ensure that these waters along with others that have previously been stocked provide quality fishing for many years to come.
Whilst we have elected not to communicate the exact number of fish stocked every fish that was stocked was not only weighed but also photographed both sides ensuring that we have a record of every individual fish, which we can monitor growth over the seasons.