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15/09/2020 - Latest News

The club reviewed both the government and Angling Trust guidelines that were issued on the 11th May following the Prime Ministers statement on the evening on the 10th May.
I am pleased to say that as a result the club reopened its stillwaters at 8.00am on Wednesday 13th May. 
Although we are now heading into a PHASED return to normality, we as a club do not want to add to the possibility of a secondary spike and would like to protect our members and bailiffs as best we can.
We have laid therefore laid down some simple controls which we would like all members to follow.The Angling Trust have worked hard to get angling to be one of the first items to relaxed after the lockdown and these controls/guidelines reflect what they have agreed with the government. Please Note: These controls could change at any time based on any new guidance from Anglers Trust or the Government.
  • If you come under any of these 3 key areas, then we recommend you do not visit club waters at present as you are putting yourselves and others at High risk.
    • You have a high temperature or a persistent cough, follow the Government guidance on self-isolation.
    • If you are a vulnerable person (by virtue of age, underlying health condition,clinical condition or are pregnant) 
    • If you are living with someone who is self-isolating or a vulnerable person 
  • We appreciate it can be difficult to wash your hands thoroughly at the lakeside. However, you must ensure that you carry enough fresh water or hand cleaner with you to follow the government guidance.
  • From the 7th July, the club reopened all of it’s pegs to members. However please maintain social distancing in line with government guidelines.
Fishing will be limited to a maximum of 48 Hours. A 24hr gap must be observed if you want to refish same water.

We would ask that all waste is removed before you vacate the swim and please ensure that you have the means to wipe any common surfaces such as padlocks and gate touch points when entering and exiting the waters. 
  • As from August 3 Keepnets will again be allowed
  • Toilets reopened 12th June, see separate news item. If you need to use the toilet we expect you to wipe any surfaces that are to be touched prior to, and after using the facility.
  • The bailiffs have the full power of the club to remove anybody from the water who is not abiding by the spirit of the rules in this phase. 
  • All Guest tickets and Single Night tickets are currently suspended. They will become available again on 1st October.
  • We would expect one member to fish in one peg. The only exception would be if a swim is known as a 'double peg' there are however only one or two of these swims across our whole portfolio of lakes, These 'double pegs' can only shared by members in the same household. 
  • From 3rd June Non Fishing guests were again allowed to accompany members. PLESASE NOTE: NON FISHING GUESTS MUST ARRIVE AND LEAVE WITH THE MEMBER THEY ARE A GUEST OF. Non fishing guests cannot just come and visit a member for a short period and then leave. 
Please note these controls/guidelines are subject to change and bear in mind whilst we are in the spawning season some waters may need to close at short notice. 

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.