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River reopens 16th June.

15/06/2020 - Latest News

Following the River ‘Close Season’  the CAPS stretches of the River Stour at Henny and River Chemer reopen for fishing from midnight tonight, 15th June. With over 13 miles of river and canal to fish, there is plenty of options to fish available.
As many of you are aware these waters are shared with other local clubs so please make sure you are aware of the restrictions that apply to these waters. For example No fishing within 30 metres of any lock, nor within 15 metres of any bridge, weir, wharf, landing stage, permanent mooring or other navigational structure. For full list look at the river stour and river chemer pages of the CAPS website.
Please also respect other users of the river and canal and keep footpaths free of obstructions, especially in these times of social distancing.

Whilst the CAPS current ban on keepnets on our stillwaters remains. Keepnets are now allowed on the river and canal. 

Roll on the wonderful 16th June.