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Pike Fishing Brakes

23/09/2020 - Latest News

All, since obtaining the lease to fish the Brakes Pit complex the club has been giving serious consideration as to how best to protect the large head of specimen pike that exist in this water. As many will know despite their size Pike can be a very fragile fish if not handled correctly, caught in the warmer months or the same fish repeatedly caught.

The club sort expert opinion from not only senior members of the Pike Angling Club of Great Britain but also other expert sources. Based on that input the club has decided to put the following arrangements in place. These specific arrangements only apply to the Brakes Pits. 

Pike Fishing will be allowed in 2 periods - 1st November to 20th December and from 11th January to the end of February. (all dates inclusive). Fishing will be from 07:00 to 17:00.
Only 15 adult anglers will be given the right to fish for pike in each of these 2 periods - 15 anglers in period 1 and 15 anglers in period 2 - 30 Anglers in total. 
The selection of the 30 anglers will be drawn at random. Any angler wishing to be considered for a Pike permit need to apply via the caps websitehttps://www.colchesteraps.org/brakes-pit-pike-fishing-application or for those without the internet by contacting Mark Castle who will add you to the list. There will be NO additional fee.
A random draw of all names will then take place on Monday 26th Oct at the CAPS board meeting using the https://namepicker.net application to ensure everyone has the same chance, this will be recorded so as to be totally transparent. All successful applicants will be notified by email. Brakes bailiffs will hold a list of those allowed to pike fish, anyone caught pike fishing outside of this list will be banned.  
The club will operate a no publicity policy in respect of Pike caught, but anglers need to inform the bailiff or a CAPS committee member of Pike caught so we can monitor the catch rate in this first season. 
The club reserves the right to close off swims to pike fishing if we feel that certain pike are being repeatedly caught in the same swim, a notice will be erected in the swim if this circumstance should arise.

The following tackle and bait requirements need to be adhered to.  
No Lure fishing
No Live Bait
Sea dead baits only.
Main Line 20lb Minimum or 0.35mm Braid 
Wire Trace 30lb Min and 18inch minimum lenght.
Large rubberised landing nets to be used only
Must be in possession off.
- Side cutters minimum off 11inch for removing/ cutting treble hooks and pike forceps/ pliers minimum of ten inch in length for removing hooks.
- Pike glove to be used.
- Only barbless hooks or semi barbless (one micro barbed point, 2 barbless points to hold the dead bait to be used).
- Appropriate unhooking mat to be used for the size of Pike that are likely to be caught. Mats must have sides to contain Pike in the mat.

I hope that members appreciate the cautious approach that the club is taking in the first year of our lease. We will review the situation again next year based upon the experience of this season. There are very few waters in Essex that hold fish of this quality and the last thing we want in our first season is to have facilitated the demise of some of these old and wonderful fish. 

CAPS Committee..