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Membership now open for Existing members

25/02/2023 - Latest News

All, you will have seen membership is now open to Existing members 
We will open up to NEW members from the 1st April 2023.

1) If you were a member prior to last year but did not join last year you are considered a new member and need to wait until the 1st April. to rejoin.  
2) Existing members you do not need to post off your existing membership card to the club as you will be sent a new sticker which you need to peel off and put on the back of your existing membership card. This sticker will have the new lock number from 1st April 2023 on it (dont forget to make a note of the existing lock number as that remains in place until 1st April) .  
You will also get a new Club Handbook. 
The exception to this would be if your card is in a very poor state and cannot be read, if this is the case you should look to get it replaced. 
3) Existing members when entering your membership number on the renewal form it is the number on the front of the card under your date of birth not the receipt number that would have been on the sticker on the back of the card. 

Thanks in advance. 

Please be patient as it will take a few days for the renewal sticker and handbook to be sent out.