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Interested in becoming a qualified Angling Coach?

26/02/2019 - Latest News

The reason we ask is that CAPS are keen to support anyone who has an interest in becoming an Angling Trust qualified coach, ultimately with the aim of inspiring the next generation of anglers into our sport and hopefully our club. 

Following a recent meeting with Angling Coaching Initiative (ACI) it is apparent that the demand for coaching (mostly from aspiring junior members) currently outstrips the available quality assured coaches with the necessary qualifications, including those of CRB/DBS checks.

To try and increase the number of qualified coaches in the area, ACI have kindly offered to help us and any prospective coaches work through the various stages to become quality assured. ACI having an excellent knowledge of the process, up to and including should the individual want to ultimately progress to the most advanced stage, that of becoming a Level 2 qualified coach.

So in the first instance if you are interested in getting some support, then drop a line to [email protected] and the committee can gauge the level of interest. 

For further information look at the following links:-