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20/11/2020 - Latest News

As you will all be aware that under the current Government restrictions to combat the coronavirus we are not permitted to hold our A.G.M. at the Belle Vue Club, Colchester in February 2021.
The board however is still keen to hear from its membership on any suggestions that can ensure that CAPS remains one of the leading angling clubs in Essex. Any suggestions can be emailed to [email protected]

The club will again be producing its annual newsletter which will be sent to all members towards the end of January 2021, this will contain an update from all officers, these updates being normally communicated at the AGM. 

Whilst this year has been a difficult one for all, the club like many others in area has seen an upsurge in interest, leading to us reaching our limit on membership. To ensure all existing members have the opportunity to rejoin, renewals will be available from the beginning of February 2021 with new members not being able to join until the 1st April 2021. The club membership fees for 2021/2 will remain the same as the current season.

Normally at the AGM non-office holding members and those office holding members whose 3 year term comes to an end would apply for re-election. The board is pleased that the non office holding members this applies to:- Steve Howell, Dan Goss and Chris Southernwood have all agreed to continue in post. The club have considered sending out a postal vote but feel the cost to carry out this exercise, when we have not had more than 25 members attend an AGM for the last 5 years would not be cost effective or in the best interests of the club. We therefore hope the membership will support us in agreeing that these three gentlemen continue in place and trust you will find this acceptable.

As the club enters its centenary year in 2021 we are looking for new officers to ensure that the club continues to flourish. As previously communicated we are still in need of a Secretary for the club since Steve Dormer moved away a year ago. We are also looking for a new Safety Officer as Brian Licence, whilst looking to remain on the committee will be potentially standing down in his Safety Director role due to his changing work commitments. Also, our long-standing Membership secretary, Mick Turner has stated that next year will be his last year in post after decades of serving the club in numerous roles. Mick wants to ensure the hand over is done in a timely and professional manner and to guide the new person during the handover.

So, as you can imagine we are very keen to hear from anyone who might have the skills to fill these important roles and help the club continue to prosper. Again, if you are interested in getting more details in any of these positions drop a line to [email protected]
Obviously, this decision has not been taken lightly but we hope the membership supports the boards ongoing actions which are taken in the best interests of the club and its membership.

CAPS Committee