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All waters open following spawning

30/06/2023 - Latest News

Spawning update

Lodge closed again 23rd June reopened 8am 1st July 
Brakes Long closed 12th June reopened midday 30th June
inworth 1 closed again 13th June reopened 21st 
Brakes round closed  11th June reopened 22nd
Lodge lake closed  11th June reopened 8am 21 June. 
Mersea lakes closed 10th june. reopened 19th June
Layer closed again 12th June reopened 19th June
Bovington 2 closed again 9th June reopened 1pm 16th June
Brookhall closed 12th June reopened 16th June
Olivers closed 13th June reopened 14th 
Bovington 1 closed again 11th June reopened 13th
Inworth 1 closed fish spawning reopened 8am 6th June.
Bovington 1&2 closed on the evening of 29th May reopened 6pm on the 5th June
Layer closed 26th May reopened Monday 5th June
Snake closed 27th May reopened 11am Sat 3rd June

We will reopen lakes that are closed as soon as spawning completed