Snake Pit

Bailiff:  Chris Southernwood
Contact:  07551503936
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Location Rowhedge, Colchester

Snake Pit can be found on the Fingringhoe Road on the outskirts of Colchester, at over 12 acres in size it has a reputation for big fish and is therefore aimed more at the specimen hunter than the general angler. Even following the death of "Dippy" Snake Pit still holds some very large fish a number of 20's and 30's with the largest resident in excess of 37lbs. Catfish in excess of 50lb, tench averaging upper 7lb and large pike are found in numbers. Reward is the name of the game here where perseverance is key, time and effort = reward. Snags and weed beds can cause a problem and it is advised that the angler search their swim very carefully to seek out any obstructions.

In the Winter of 2016, twenty four carp from VS Fisheries were stocked into the lake. These fish were between 11lb & 16lb and are a mixture of linears, leathers, heavily plated mirrors etc. Many of these fish are now in excess of 20lb and it is expected that some will soon break the 30lb barrier.

Opening Times

Snake Pit is open all year round with no close season.


The toilet is located in the main car park.

Water Size

10 acres, with easy access all round.

Disabled Details

No designated disabled swim or disabled Facilities.


From Colchester either follow Military Road which leads onto Old Heath Road or take the B1025 West Mersea Road, turn left into Abbots Road and through to T junction. Turn right into Old Heath Road which joins into Fingringhoe Road. The entrance to the lake is on the opposite of a sharp left hand bend.

Approximate postcode CO5 7JL

Imposed Restrictions

No braided mainlines. Running leads only. No snag, shock or leadcore leaders. No fishing or baiting in the snags. The access gate is to be locked at all times after entry / exit. No barbecues. Use of any type of boat prohibited - unless during official work party.

Maximum stay of 72 hours and must have a 24 hour period away from the lake before returning.

2 rods in the summer months only (April-October)

3 rods in the winter months (November-March)

This water has seen the installation of an otter fence by Embryo Angling Habitats at great expense to the club. It is essential that the access gate is closed and locked at all times. Any member found to be leaving the gate open will face an immediate lifetime ban from the club.

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